Why Significance?




"According to the Gallop Economic Confidence Index, American's confidence is on the rise for a fifth straight month, however, unemployment continued to rise to 8.6 percent, indicating confidence will fall again unless improved"

Gallop, February 2012


"Recession-weary employees, while grateful to have a job amidst rising unemployment, openly admit that they will need to look elsewhere when the time is right with 51% seeing no career advancement opportunities in their current roles and 43% believing they must leave their organization to advance to a higher-level job."

Towers Watson, 2010


"Top 3 reasons to seek employment elsewhere: 48% say due to loss of trust in the organization; 46% say due to lack of transparent communications; 40% say due to being treated unfairly or unethically by employers."

Deloitte LLP Ethics & Workplace Survey, 2010


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With the state of business and world affairs being in chaos, the need for Signficance has never been more important and critical than now. The idea that one person can make a difference and help others make a difference is proven every day. Now more than ever, this needs to be the way for everyone ... and it can be by making The Summit Advance to Significance.

In UP, Joan writes, "It is not so much about doing better; it is about being better. Leadership is not done, it is lived first through personal leadership of one's self.

Personal leadership is the development of ever-expanding views, skills, experience, knowledge and abilities aligned and utilized to lead ourselves well, so that we can lead others well."

A 2010 study by Towers Watson cites "employees are seeking leadership who connect with the workforce on an emotional level. They want a leader who is trustworthy, cares about the wellbeing of their employees and is highly visible."