The Summit Advance™ Model


The Model – Overview

Base of the Mountain

The “Victim”: On the left side, Victims are dominated by events of their past (either “good” or “bad” in nature). They are loners, impatient and intolerant. Their sense of reality is often skewed.

The “Victor”: On the right side, Victors are open and generally trusting, attentive listeners, patient and tolerant. Victors display positive attitudes and edifying actions that enrich, rather than deplete, relationships. Only Victors can advance to the next level.
Mid-Mountain Zone

The “Limelighter”:  On the left side of the mountain is Fame – the place where the “Limelighters” live. Limelighters are all about achieving goals, racking up “points” and striving toward whatever success looks like for them. Fame is the ultimate goal, not relationships. 
The “Master”: On the right side, is where the Master climbs. Rather than recognition, Masters are dedicated to endurance and lasting mastery. Leaders working in Mastery know that relationships are key to creating followership.
The Mountain Top
The “Top Gun”: On the left are the Top Guns, who are truly “Best In the World” at what they do. They have the power and expertise to be significant, but their motives are mixed and generally are self-oriented. Self is still too important here.
The “Sherpa”:  On the right side are where the Sherpas live, who are focused on being "Best for World." Sherpas have a true desire to live their purpose, being true to personal passions and inspiring others to do the same. Life and work here is in service to others, not self. They also are always developing the Sherpas of tomorrow.
The model is based on the metaphor of scaling a mountain with three main levels: Survival, Success and Significance. These levels can be considered “life zones,” as the experiences, views and climate are vastly different in each level. There is also one step higher for those who dare and dream … The Summit itself.  Getting to Significance is a climb. Reaching The Summit is not a day hike, but a lifelong pursuit.  

The Great Separator

In the Summit Advance Model, there are two sides to each level (see sidebar), where ego is the primary separator between the left and the right side.  Just as mountains boast differences from one side to the other, so does this model.  The left side of the mountain model reveals life and pursuits more about self than others. The right side of the model is where those pursuing real significance will head, toward serving others more than self.  Self is the “great separator” between the left side and right side of the model. It is the right side that leads to enduring Significance, enduring leadership and ultimately The Summit.


The Climbing Process

Keeping in mind that a Summit Advance is not a day hike, but a life ascent, Joan also introduces her Summit Advance 7-Step Climbing Process. This “climbing process” begins with self awareness, moves through the stages of transformation and progresses to understanding how to self-motivate and keep your personal pilot light ignited through continual renewal and reinforcement of your defining purpose. 

The Climbing Process also incorporates Joan's "Three A's" Process of 1) Acknowledge, Align and Advance in order to effectively manage and stay focused during the "Climb

The Summit Peak

The Summit is the Pinnacle Level. It is the very apex of Significance in its finest form. This is a spiritual place. It means - quite literally - that you have realized divine inspiration to reach its point. Advancing to the Summit means the climber relied upon his or her "higher power" to get there. Not everyone will opt for the Summit, but those who are called there are changing lives and the world.


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