No one likes to be treated as if they aren’t there. “UP: Pursuing Significance in Leadership and Life” is an inspirational book from Joan O. Wright as she advises readers to take up the mantle of importance in their everyday life, and how to apply it to greater success in one’s career, and pursue the summits of their lives. Practical and to the point, “UP” is a fine read that shouldn’t be overlooked by business leadership and self-help collections.” —Midwest Book Review



"Peace is the character trait present in all self-actualizing people. Peace is not just a goal; it iS a never-ending life journey. UP is your roadmap for that important journey. Written with poignant wisdom and transformational clarity, you will never be the same after reading Joan Wright’s masterpiece."  - Chip R. Bell, Consultant, Internationally Acclaimed Keynote Speaker, Author, Wired and Dangerous

Joan was invited by Maria Shriver to Guest Blog featuring lessons from her book, ”UP: Pursuing Significance in Leadership and Life.”  Showcased in her “Tips for Transformation,” Joan’s blog post "Pursuing Significance in Leadership and Life" was picked as Maria Shriver’s #2 of her Top 5 Can’t Miss Artles in her weekly alert to new postings.  Her blog is dedicated to “Ideas, Inspiration & Information for ARCHITECTS OF CHANGE.”


UP is the direction of humanity’s finest pursuit, and Significance is the hope of every soul on this planet. 

So what, exactly, is Significance, and how do we pursue, attain and bring clarity to that lofty place UP in the clouds of our imagination, dreams and purpose?

UP - Pursuing Significance in Leadership and Life is a book that answers these questions in plain language and encourages the reader to begin, and never stop, climbing to reach their peak and beyond. Described as an Owner’s Manual for knowing “which end is UP,” readers will be taken on a self-discovery journey enabling them to complete their own personal and professional roadmap to get to The Summit, in which author, Joan O. Wright, describes as Hallowed Ground - where legacies are born and breathe eternal in changing lives and making a difference.

Joan O. Wright’s poignant story-telling and introduction of her Summit Advance process brings the two critical aspects of human achievement and lifelong satisfaction into clear focus and perfect alignment. UP – Pursuing Significance in Leadership and Life will change the way you think, act, work and live.

"So often leadership development focuses on solving problems and building skills for managing people and completely overlooks essential leader self awareness. UP gives us the opportunity to not just do better, but actually be better leaders for ourselves and for our organizations. It is a book that offers a personal roadmap to the Summit of Significance in leadership, and also an organizational map for business success and even significance – a rare jewel in the midst of all the leadership how-to’s out there. This is a book that will make you reframe who you are now, and where you want to go. It is a personal and professional challenge every leader needs." - Ron Garrow, Group Executive, Human Resources, MasterCard 



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