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UP – Pursuing Significance in Leadership and Life is a book to guide leaders and individuals into the empowerment that comes from striving towards significance as the ultimate blessing beyond attaining and achieving in life. Author Joan O. Wright introduces The Summit Advance™ Model, which was developed first as a systematic leadership assessment process to target "high potential" and "at- risk" performers.

  • The Summit Advance™ Model is built upon the concept of scaling a mountain with three main levels: Survival, Success and Significance with the ultimate destination being the Summit. As this model was developed, it became very clear that it was not just a leadership model, but a map to Significance for everyone, in every place.
  • Based on over 23 years of development with Fortune 1000 companies and in coordination with HR departments of large private corporations across the globe.
  • Encompasses over 3,700 hours of development and validation of the Summit Advance Assessment, Values Card Alignment System and Summit Advance Model including involvement from practice experts in executive, leadership and organizational development and human behavior.
  • Organized in three sections based on the Summit Advance Model. Each level is divided into two sections where individuals may reside in their values, mindset and approach:
       Level 1: Survival          The Mountain Base         Victim vs. Victor
       Level 2: Success          The Mountain Midzone     Limelighter vs. Master
       Level 3: Significance    The Mountain Alpine        Top Gun vs. Sherpa
  • The final Chapter 25 introduces the reward of the climb in reaching the Summit - The Mountain Peak, which is the Hallowed Ground of truly living a life of Significance. The Summit level is a way of being that leaves a legacy which lives beyond one’s lifetime, continuing to touch lives for decades that follow.